Since the age of four, Tamara’s passion for singing began. This took her on a journey which included live performances at the National Theatre in Melbourne, Nightclubs, Bars, Weddings and Corporate functions. It was at the age of fifteen that Tamara took her talent more seriously and began to write her own songs and compose her own style of music.

Over the years, Tamara has collaborated with many people from the Australian music industry. It was in 2010 that her journey of collaboration with one of Malaysia’s finest Musician’s and Composers , Rasull Soon began. Together they have worked tirelessly to perfect the right sound and genre for all generations to listen too. Tamara’s Debut Single Forgotten Love Songs featuring J-Nivus made her a house hold name in Malaysia. This track featured on Lite FM, Mix FM and Met Ten on radio station Hitz FM. The video clip to this song was also featured on Astro Hitz TV. Since her entry into the music industry, many doors have opened for Tamara. To name a few, Tamara engaged in modelling, was interviewed on radio and was on the front cover of The New Strait Times Show Biz Newspaper in Malaysia. Tamara’s mission is to share her creativity with people who enjoy listening to in depth music and to allow them to identify with the emotions of each track and relate it to their lives. Over the years, Tamara has experienced a number of setbacks in her life and it is only these experiences and challenges that have been her motivation and inspiration to continue on with her passion for music.



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